Just Breathe Bar Bracelet

Breath is what gives us life; it is the constant cycle that invigorates the soul and connects us with our surroundings. Each time you notice the mind has gone astray, come back to the mantra, come back to the breath. Just breathe. Within each breath, notice the continual presence of change. Within each breath, notice continuity, connection. Carry this as a reminder to pause, relax, and remain grounded. Details: High Quality Stainless Steel Bracelet Inscription reads “Just Breathe” Size: Adjustable (Fits Most) Available: 4





Seven Chakra Bracelet

The seven chakra bracelet is a staple piece in the Bohemian community. Featuring 7 beautiful gemstones, the wearer will feel a natural balance. This healing bracelet is known to promote positive energy while eliminating negative energy for the wearer. In addition, the lava stones can be used for oils, creating a healthy aroma for the user! Details: * Red gemstone – promotes positivity for the root or base of the user * Orange gemstone – promotes health in the naval of the user * Yellow gemstone – enables a relaxed solar plexus * Green gemstone – establishes a healthy heart * Blue gemstone – promotes a healthy throat * Indigo gemstone – represents the brow or third eye of the user * Purple gemstone – enables a healthy and relaxed crown * Lavastones- for defusing use Size: One size fits all Available: 2




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