Mystical Shores Newsletter, May 2018

Mystical Shores will be wrapping up this June for a much-needed summer break, with a trip to FL, which is both duty and, hopefully, pleasure – a trip for thought, contemplation, meditation and self-care. We are currently in the midst of our 7-week Kundalini Yoga/Meditation Chakra course.  Due to some health issues, class has beenContinue reading “Mystical Shores Newsletter, May 2018”

Mystical Shores April 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to April’s Newsletter.  Spring is officially here, but not really here in the Northeast where we have been hit with 4 nor’easters in the past month.  Snow, rain, wind, thousands without power, but I am hopeful that we are now on the right path toward Spring weather. I have just finished up the 4-weekContinue reading “Mystical Shores April 2018 Newsletter”

Mystical Shores March 2018 Newsletter

MYSTICAL SHORES NEWSLETTER MARCH 2018 HELLO Welcome to the March, 2018 edition of the Mystical Shores Newsletter. I apologize for the absence of both newsletters and classes recently. A personal family emergency called my out of state for a while. But, now I am back and so excited about the upcoming classes and workshops, allContinue reading “Mystical Shores March 2018 Newsletter”

Mystical Shores Newsletter, 10/17

MYSTICAL SHORES NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 15, 2017   Welcome to Mystical Shores’ first newsletter! I am very excited to announce my book, “My Name is Isis”, one in the “My Name Is…….” series of books presented by Girl God Publications. The order/pre-order link is:       I am happy to announce that I willContinue reading “Mystical Shores Newsletter, 10/17”