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“I have been familiar with Susan’s wonderful work for some time now, so when I decided to check out her Hecate Workshop, I knew it was going to be another beautiful offering, by this amazing Goddess woman.

I am not very familiar with Hecate, so this was perfect to “introduce” me to the Goddess and her energy, in order to become better aquainted with her, and have further understanding.

There is so much packed into this workshop, I highly recommend it for any lover of the Goddess.”
~ Tamara A.


“I have had the sincere pleasure of learning Kundalini Yoga from my now dear friend Susan Morgaine. I met Susan about a year ago, as she began teaching Kundalini classes at White Wolf Dancing in Norton. During this year, Susan’s gentle and accommodating teaching style has allowed me to develop my technique at my own pace and within my (limited) physical comfort zone.

Susan is knowledgeable, creative, patient, kind hearted and a forever-student who seamlessly incorporates new ideas with traditional practices. Susan caters each class to the students attending and fosters a peaceful, supportive, and warm environment where everyone feels comfortable and able to tune in to themselves and the world around them.

I have attended every class Susan has taught this year, including the beautiful and healing Red Tent events she has hosted; I can’t get enough! I always walk away with a feeling of contentment, grounding, and personal accomplishment. The support and guidance I feel from Susan has encouraged me along my journey, her energy is exactly what I need, and I’m so grateful to have her in my life as a teacher and friend.”
~ Mary S

“Best class for my limited physical abilities! Susan is wonderful and classes are gentle and fulfilling. There’s great energy among those who attend. We’d love to have you!” – Mary S*


I have been a student of Kudalini Yoga with Susan for ten years. Susan is an exemplary teacher because she lives the philosophy she teaches. Her knowledge of Kudalini Yoga and sharing its wisdom are just some of the benefits her students gain from practicing with her. She is compassionate, caring and always encouraging - qualities of a great teacher. I recommend her classes without reservation. ~ Elaine P



My Name is ISIS

A conversation between the great mother goddess of Egypt and the children of the world, *My Name is Isis* is a simple, gentle introduction to a powerful, influential goddess. I am so glad that our children can be introduced to international goddess wisdom through age-appropriate,
beautifully illustrated books like this one. *My Name is Isis* covers core aspects of her story with straightforward language and thoughtful, personal questions as well as an acknowledgement of the appropriation of her name. It also extends gracefully into a panentheistic overview of goddess-oriented cosmology.

May She of 10,000 Names enfold your family in her protective wings.

–Molly Remer, MSW, M.Div, D.Min, author of *Womanrunes *and *Earthprayer, *

Insightful and Breathtaking as Goddess ISIS comes alive through story and illustration. I imagine my young great-nieces and my Goddess-Daughter reading this book over and over as they explore who they are as Divine Creations. I can imagine them embracing Susan’s words: “You can open your arms wide, like my wings, and pretend that you are holding and protecting
them and even protecting the world!” Magical and Powerful! Well Done Susan Morgaine and Arna Baartz!

Angelique Autumn McGowan, author of *A Cauldron Full of Tails and Such
(under the name Debra Sunshine Hillman).*


“Some years ago, when my daughter Tara was five, she turned to me and said “there are no strong role-models for girls on television”. I was heart-stricken. The Girl God’s books for children are correcting this tragic truth, and Susan Morgaine’s My Name is Isis is a wonderful new addition to this series. Susan deftly picks out key qualities of the Goddess, and reveals her as a heart-warming and motherly friend far removed from the “bullies” who have misappropriated her name. Perhaps most importantly, she gently guides her readers to find these same divine qualities in themselves. This is powerfully reinforced by Arna Baartz’s
vibrantly beautiful illustrations of the Goddess as woman and girl: the most direct message of the divine given to humanity.”
~ P.D. Mackenzie Cook, author of Epona: Hidden Goddess of the Celts


“Another beautiful book with a soul-friendly message for women & men who are done with patriarchal spirituality. Thank you.”
~ Kimberly Townsend Palmer



Ms. Morgaine has written a beautiful book for children. It is very basic book, one that would be good for a parent to read to child(ren) at bed time. Or to be read out loud at festivals in the children’s tent. The words just seem to flow of the page. It is a book that even a child that is just learning to read would have an easy time with. The words even allow the reader to picture the Protectress that is the Goddess Isis.

The art work is beautiful soothing colors. They are just beautifully done and just flow with the words on the page. Arna’s art work is so colorful and almost otherworldly. It will help to keep young eyes focused on the book and allow them to meet Isis on their terms in ways that they would understand.

Together both artist and writer seem to have found a flow that allowed them to sync what they both envisioned in a seamless manner. There seems to just be a symmetry in the way everything just works to complement both minds that worked on this book.

I think Pagan families will find this book is one that becomes a family heirloom. I can see parents being happy to use “My Name is Isis The Egyptian Goddess” to introduce their children to their maternal Goddess.

~Dawn Borries

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