Mystical Shores Herbals

All Natural. Nothing Artificial. Reiki-charged. Brewed in small magickal batches in a Sacred Space.

Everything made by Mystical Shores Herbals is all natural, containing no preservatives and no artificial color; they contain all natural ingredients, such as essential oils, and gifts from Mother Earth. The Products below are all made to order and will be available for purchase soon. Please email for prices and availability.



Protection Charm

This small bag is filled with herbal protection, including herbs such as lavender and vervain, and can be carried or hung in your car. Each bag will also come with either a small black tourmaline or amethyst crystal.


Sensuous Skin Scrub

Dead Sea Salts, Emollient and Essential Oils, and Herbs. Leaves skin sinfully silky smooth. Please indicate Lavender for Calming or Peppermint for Energizing. $20 per container.


Beautiful Body Oil

Made with emollient oils, scented essential oils, such as ylang ylang, and love. Can be put on body directly after shower/bath and let soak into skin before drying off. Can also be used as a massage oil - simply warm the bottle under hot water. $19 per bottle.



Additional photos will be available shortly; thank you for your patience.

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