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  • Summer Solstice 2021 Newsletter (6/22/2021)



    Summer Solstice blessings.

    Welcome back to the Mystical Shores Newsletter. I hope that you are well and have weathered the pandemic lockdown with ease and good health.

    There is much going on here at Mystical Shores, new ideas, new ventures that I am happy to share with you.

    Obviously, I have not been teaching any kundalini yoga classes and, truthfully, do not know if in-person classes will be something I do in the future, although I am open to the idea if you know of a studio that might be interested. I am, however, available for private and semi-private zoom classes, this includes meditation-only classes. If this is something that you would be interested in, please email me to discuss.

    I am available for one-on-one Zoom/FB Women’s Empowerment Coaching. I am working on a new course entitled “A Woman Empowered”, based on a combination of my Imagine A Woman certification and my own extensive study. This course will be available before the end of the year. It will be a self-paced course, to include .pdf’s, mp’3 and a Monthly virtual meeting with me.

    In addition, I will be receiving my Traditional Herbalist certification by mid-summer and will be available for herbal consultations starting Winter ‘21-22. My herbal product line will be coming back with some exciting additions to the line.

    In February, I published a book of poetry, which is available in hardcover and kindle. If you have an interest, you can find it here:

    It is with great sadness that I let you know that I am no longer using my kundalini yoga spiritual name Devta Kaur, a name that was given to me by Yogi Bhajan. Over the course of the past year, many sexual accusations have been made against Yogi Bhajan, most of which came to light with the publication of a book by one of his victims. An independent organization was hired to investigate and these accusations were found to have merit. While I love Kundalini yoga and meditation, and have faith and belief in the benefits of the practice, which I will continue to do, I cannot, in good conscience, use the name given to me by someone who has betrayed so many. My business and writing name will continue to be Susan Morgaine, with Morgaine as my spiritual name.

    Please feel free to email me at and watch for further updates.

    Goddess Blessings


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  • MysticalShores’ April 2020 Newsletter (4/24/2020)


    My apologies for being mostly “missing in action” the past few months. Even beyond the pandemic, life has been hard and problematic, with health and family issues.   I hope to get back soon to what I love, teaching and Red Tent; I have ideas for virtual classes and Red Tents.  I will reach out to you when these changes come about.  Herbal products are still somewhat available, although it is hard to get to the post office to mail them.

    COVID-19 adds another layer for all of us to deal with beyond our life’s problems.  It is my hope that you are all well and safe.  I know at least a couple of you had to be tested and I’m grateful that those tests came back negative.

    These are difficult and trying times and we must do the best we can with what we have.  In trying to make things easier, I offer the Kundalini Yoga Meditation for a Calm Heart.  I hope you will try this and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

    I send you all my love,
    Susan Morgaine (Devta Kaur)


    Meditation for a Calm Heart

    This soothing breath practice (pranayama) relieves anxiety and promotes calmness and mental clarity.

    Posture: Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh. Place the left hand on the center of the chest at the Heart Center. The palm is flat against the chest, and the fingers are parallel to the ground, pointing to the right.

    Make Gyan Mudra with the right hand (touch the tip of the index [Jupiter] finger with the tip of the thumb). Raise the right hand up to the right side as if giving a pledge. The palm faces forward, the three fingers not in Gyan Mudra point up.

    The elbow is relaxed near the side with the forearm perpendicular to the ground.

    Eyes: Either close the eyes or look straight ahead with the eyes 1/10th open.

    Breath: Inhale slowly and deeply through both nostrils. Then suspend the breath in and raise the chest. Retain it as long as possible. Then exhale smoothly, gradually, and completely. When the breath is totally out, lock the breath out for as long as possible.

    Concentrate on the flow of the breath. Regulate each bit of the breath consciously.

    To End: Inhale and exhale strongly 3 times. Relax.

    The home of the subtle force of prana is in the lungs and heart. The left palm is placed at the natural home of prana and creates a deep stillness at that point. The right hand that brings you to action and analysis, is placed in a receptive, relaxed mudra in the position of peace.

    This posture induces the feeling of calmness. It creates a still point for the prana at the Heart Center.

    Emotionally, this meditation adds clear perception to your relationships with yourself and others. If you are upset at work or in a personal relationship, sit in this meditation for 3 to 15 minutes before deciding how to act. Then act with your full heart.

    Physically, this meditation strengthens the lungs and heart.

    This meditation is perfect for beginners. It opens awareness of the breath, and it conditions the lungs. When you hold the breath in or out for “as long as possible,” you should not gasp or be under strain when you let the breath move again.

    Try for 3 minutes and work your way up to 11, and then 31.


    Susan Morgaine