Goddess Spirituality Workshops & Classes

Meet The Goddess

In these 2 hour workshops you will be introduced to a different Goddess each session. We will discuss each Goddess’s attributes and qualities, and how She can fit into your life. These workshops may include any of the following: rituals, crafts, and meditations. You can take whichever workshop whose Goddess interests you!

Goddesses currently included in these workshops are: Isis, Hecate, Shakti, and Kwan Yin.

ISIS: Egyptian Goddess of marriage, fertility, motherhood, magic, and medicine.


HECATE: Greek Goddess of the Crossroads, magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts, and necromancy. Also offered as an online course.

SHAKTI: The primal creative force of the Universe, which is feminine.

KWAN YIN: Chinese Goddess of compassion, mercy, and kindness

Ongoing: Please call MysticalShores at 508-561-4229 to schedule a class or workshop.

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