IAW Women’s Empowerment Coaching


Certified Coach/Facilitator

As an Imagine A Woman International Women’s Empowerment Coach/Facilitator (see poems below), I am available for both in-person (Southern MA/RI, USA) and online sessions via Skype. Please email me at MysticalShores@gmail.com for more information.


About Imagine a Woman International:

(Taken from Website)

In 1995 the “Imagine a Woman” poem was first published in Patricia Lynn Reilly’s book A God Who Looks Like Me. In 1997 the poem-postcard appeared in the inaugural issue of the FeMail Creations catalog and was purchased by thousands of women and sent around the world to their friends and clients. In 1999 Conari Press published Patricia’s third book Imagine a Woman in Love with Herself which features twenty stanza of the Imagine a Woman poem. Since 1995, the poem has circled the globe, inspiring books, screenplays, videos, life transitions, professional portfolios, ministries, coaching practices, relationships, virtual communities, social networks, and organizational missions.


In 2015 we celebrated the poem’s 20th year anniversary. ImagineaWoman.com provides the stage to express, celebrate, and amplify the poem’s ongoing inspirational and transformational power in women’s lives. Imagine a Woman International inspires and supports women in every season and situation of their lives through an abundance of books, resources, trainings, and retreats.


Patricia Lynn Reilly has retired from Imagine a Woman International, but her wisdom can still be found at: http://www.patricialynnreilly.com.


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