Red Tent


“The Red Tent” is a book by Anita Diamant.  It is the story of the biblical Dinah, which told the tale of a women’s community in the form of a menstrual hut.

The Red Tent has become a phenomenon.  It has become a place for women to gather within sacred space to honor themselves and their moon cycles, to honor their individual journeys.  It is a place to meditate, talk, celebrate, do ritual, laugh, share our dreams and visions.

The Red Tent Movement was established by Alisa Starkweather within Women’s Spirituality so many Red Tents have aspects of Goddess spiritual practices.  Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost is the producer of the film, “Things We Don’t Talk About – Women’s Stories from the Red Tent”.


Please join the Red Tents!

Summer Red Tent

June 30, 2019

Attleboro, MA



Photo of MysticalShores Red Tent
at Southeastern Massachusetts Pagan Pride Day on September 9, 2018.


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